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Burley Solo

Burley Solo
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Burley's Solo delivers supreme comfort and luxury for your child. The plush seat with its washable, padded cushion, 5-point safety harness and reclining back lets them sit comfortably and keeps them safe. Plus, with its secure hitch, extra storage capacity, tinted windows and an adjustable sunscreen, the Solo is a great do-it-all trailer you'll love. And, it weighs only 23.5 pounds for easy towing, and can handle up to 75 pounds!

Add Burley's 2-Wheel Stroller Kit (left) or Stroller Kit (center) to easily convert your trailer into a stroller. Or add the Jogger Kit (right) to make your trailer into a durable jogger suited for off-road use complete with a 16-inch wheel and hand brake. No tools are required for any of the kits.

Part Numbers

840840005731 939205 BUR12209857D