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Denny's Cycling Links


      Bicycling Organizations

League of Michigan Bicyclists (LMB) -- The LMB is a non-profit, tax-exempt statewide organization of more than 2,000 members working to improve conditions for bicycling in Michigan. Their aim is to make Michigan a more bicycle-friendly state. Their annual LMB Calendar of Bicycling Events is a great resource for those seeking an organized ride in Michigan.

Michigan Mountain Biking Association (MMBA) -- The mission of the MMBA is to promote responsible mountain biking and to work toward the goals of common land access and natural resource protection through interaction with policy makers, the cycling industry, race promoters, mountain bikers and other trail users. MMBA members receive a 10% discount on parts, accessories and clothing from Denny's Central Park Bicycles.

Tri-County Bicycle Association (TCBA) -- Serving over 2,000 bicyclists in mid-Michigan, the TCBA is the largest bicycle club in Michigan. In addition to four annual bicycle tours (including the DALMAC), the club offers a range of recreational rides almost every day.

International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) -- The International Mountain Bicycling Association is a non-profit educational association whose mission is to create, enhance and preserve trail opportunities for mountain bikers worldwide. Since 1988, IMBA has been bringing out the best in mountain biking by encouraging low-impact riding, volunteer trailwork participation, cooperation among different trail user groups, grassroots advocacy and innovative trail management solutions

USA Cycling -- USA Cycling is the official cycling organization recognized by the USOC and is responsible for identifying, training and selecting cyclists to represent the United States in international competitions. USA Cycling, doing business as the USCF, NORBA, NCCA and USPRO, controls nearly two dozen major events each year and issues permits for up to 3,000 more.

      Product Websites

Specialized -- We carry the full line of Specialized products, from the Stumpjumper and Rockhopper mountain bikes to the Tarmac, Allez and Roubaix road bikes. From helmets to shoes to saddle bags to optics--if Specialized makes it, we carry it. Whether you want to ride to school or ride to work, plow through the mud or race in a crit, we can help you make it happen.

KHS Bicycles


Bacchetta-- Bacchetta's recumbent bikes are built to satisfy the needs of even the most critical bike rider. Their bikes are designed to offer the absolutely best in recumbent bicycle performance, speed, and handling. Whether you are a casual rider, or a competitive recumbent racing enthusiast, our full line of two-wheel recumbent bikes contains the perfect model for you!

Burley -- They design and build exceptional and safe family cycling gear and accessories that allow you and your family to get out and have fun! Their trailer lines include: Child, Pets, and Adventure.

Yakima -- Need to get your bike to the ride? There's simply no other rack that performs as well as a Yak. And we've got 'em!

      Other Interesting Destinations

"The Masked Rider" -- Rush drummer Neil Peart's thoughtful travel book about cycling through West Africa. The Masked Rider details his physical and spiritual journey with photographs, journal entries, and tales of adventure. Peart's "masks" are the masks that we wear--civilization, psychology, labels, expectations--and his book reveals how traveling in a very foreign land allows us to peer beneath them.

Ken Kifer's Bike Pages -- The late Ken Kifer put together a lot of bicycling information. As he wrote: "The purpose of Ken Kifer's Bike Pages is to share what I know about cycling and to encourage others to bicycle as well. All articles are written by me and reflect my knowledge and personal experience, not something someone else said. Although having a strong philosophical streak, these bike pages include practical cycling information, statistical analysis, personal accounts of long trips and local experiences, photos, and humor. I don't deny having a bias: I think that we should all waste less and consume less, learn to appreciate Nature more, take better care of our bodies, and adopt a less-stressful pace of life. I promote using a bicycle instead of a motor vehicle because doing so is kind to the environment, good for the body, and good for the psyche."

Sheldon Brown's Articles -- Though Sheldon is no longer with us, his extensive knowledge base lives on at his cycling website. His site offers detailed information about everything from headsets to rims, from sore knees to picking a saddle. Check out the topics at the top of his page.

Bicycle Source -- Hundreds of bicycling articles broken into the three sections called "You", "Body" and "Bike". A nice resource for those new to cycling as well as those looking to round out their knowledge base.

Advocacy & Organizations

Adventure Cycling Association
Adventure Cycling Association’s nonprofit mission is to inspire people of all ages to travel by bicycle for fitness, fun, and self-discovery. As America's largest recreational cycling association, it has developed the National Bicycle Route Network, encompassing more than 38,158 miles (and growing) of road and mountain bike trails, which are depicted on high-quality route maps.
Alliance For Biking And Walking
The Alliance For Biking And Walking is the national coalition of state and local bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organizations working in unison to break down the barriers to safe bicycling and walking in North American communities. They bring leaders of their member organizations together to help each other grow their organizations and become more effective. They also strengthen organizations through resource sharing and training opportunities, and help create organizations in underserved communities.
Athletes For Hope
Athletes for Hope is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization created by a few very successful athletes of exemplary character who have a deep commitment to charitable and community causes. Andre Agassi, Muhammad Ali, Lance Armstrong, Warrick Dunn, Jeff Gordon, Mia Hamm, Tony Hawk, Andrea Jaeger, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Mario Lemieux, Alonzo Mourning, and Cal Ripken, Jr. founded Athletes for Hope to Pass their Passion for philanthropy to others.
Bicycle Friendly America Program
The Bicycle Friendly America Program is an awards program that recognizes municipalities that actively support bicycling. A Bicycle-Friendly Community provides safe accommodation for cycling and encourages its residents to bike for transportation and recreation. The League of American Bicyclists administers the Bicycle Friendly Community Campaign.
Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute
This is the advocacy program of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association, a small, active, non-profit consumer-funded program acting as a clearinghouse and a technical resource for bicycle helmet information. Volunteers from the BHSI serve on the ASTM bicycle helmet standard committee and are active in commenting on actions of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
BMX Racing For Youth, Families
The American Bicycling Association BMX site is a central point for learning what's happening in the fast riding, high jumping world of BMX racing.
Cycling Hall Of Fame
The Cycling Hall Of Fame is dedicated to preserving the history of cycling's greatest races and the riders who rode them.
IBF: A World-Wide Cycling Resource
The International Bicycle Fund is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, promoting sustainable transport and international understanding. Major areas of activity are non-motorized urban planning, economic development, bike safety education, responsible travel and cycle tourism, and cross-cultural, educational programs.
Institute for Transportation and Development Policy
The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) works to promote environmentally sustainable and equitable transportation policies and projects worldwide. ITDP helps municipalities and local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) implement projects which demonstrate how transport emissions and accidents can be reduced or the basic mobility of the poor can be improved. Programs include bus rapid transit, congestion pricing, pedestrianization, bicycle and pedestrian planning, brownfield revitalization, bicycle and cycle rickshaw modernization and emerging work in health-service delivery logistics. All projects are used to leverage additional resources from international development institutions and encourage private-sector participation.
L.A.B. - America's Oldest Cycling Organization
The League of American Bicyclists began when bikes, not cars, ruled the roads. Today, this organization is a leader in advocating and educating on behalf of cyclists in every state. They also organize major cycling rallies and support many local and state cycling groups across America.
Livestrong Foundation
The Livestrong Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Austin, Texas. Founded in 1997 by cancer survivor and champion cyclist, Lance Armstrong, this organization's goals are to comprehensively improve the lives of cancer survivors, encourage collaboration, share lessons learned and develop evidence-based solutions to the problems that matter.
Mountain Bicycling's International Voice
The mission of I.M.B.A., the International Mountain Bicycling Association, is to promote mountain bicycling opportunities which are environmentally and socially responsible.
PE4Life is the collective voice for promoting quality, daily physical-education programs for America's youth.
Peace Pedalers
Peace Pedalers creates more peace and understanding between nations through cultural exchange and education worldwide. They ride special tandem bicycles and leave the rear seat open allowing new friends they meet around the world to ride as a gesture of peace, trust, acceptance, openness and love.
People For Bikes
People For Bikes is a membership organization founded by bicycle industry and advocacy leaders with the mission of "putting more people on bikes more often."
Rails-to-Trails Conservancy
RTC is a nonprofit organization working to enrich America's communities by creating a nationwide network of public trails from former rail lines and connecting corridors.
Surface Transportation Policy Project
The goal of The Surface Transportation Policy Project is to ensure that transportation policy and investments help conserve energy, protect environmental and aesthetic quality, strengthen the economy, promote social equity, and make communities more livable.
Team In Training
The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team In Training is the world's largest endurance sports training program. The program provides training to participate in century (100-mile) bike rides, triathlons or to run or walk marathons and half marathons. Since 1988, more than 300,000 volunteer participants have helped raise more than $700 million to fight leukemia and lymphoma.
The National Center for Bicycling And Walking
The mission of the National Center for Bicycling and Walking (NCBW) is to change the way communities are planned, designed, and managed to ensure that people of all ages and abilities can walk and bike easily, safely, and regularly.
Trips for Kids
Trips for Kids provides mountain-bike outings and education for kids that would not otherwise experience these activities. Their goal is to combine lessons in personal responsibility, achievement and environmental awareness through development of practical skills and the simple act of having fun. Their Earn-A-Bike program focuses on recycling used bikes and bike parts and provides job-training programs for youth. The bikes that the program repairs provide safe, environmentally friendly and affordable transportation for both children and adults. This national program also supports individuals or groups who would like to form a similar organization in their community.
U.S. Bicycling Hall Of Fame
The foundation of the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame is built upon the recognition of the competitors and contributors to the sport of cycling. Since 1987, there has been an annual induction of Americans who have achieved tremendous success in racing or by enhancing the sport of cycling through innovation, coaching, and their full participation in the sport. This site honors these great people.
USA Cycling Development Foundation
Thousands of young athletes aspire to be Olympic and world champions just like Lance Armstrong, Leigh Donovan, Marty Nothstein and Susan Demattei. It is a long, hard road to the top requiring a strong commitment from athletes, parents and you! Your support directly benefits young athletes in all disciplines of cycling.
USA Cycling: Home of American Bicycle Racing
USA Cycling is the official cycling organization recognized by the US Olympic Committee and is responsible for identifying, training and selecting cyclists to represent the United States in international competitions. The major activities of USA Cycling ensure the ongoing development and safe participation in the sport of cycling.
World Bicycle Relief
World Bicycle Relief’s vision is that simple sustainable mobility is an essential element in disaster relief and poverty relief. In developed and developing countries, bicycles fulfill the basic mobility needs of individuals, and have a direct impact in support of Health Care, Education, and Economic Development. Bicycles empower individuals, their families, and their communities. World Bicycle Relief's mission is to provide access to independence and livelihood through the power of bicycles.